Why Choose Us


What makes us the best in advertising

Wide distribution area

We cover 3 hot spots (Zone A, B, C), distribute Genesis magazines to shopping malls, shops, office towers, restaurants, hotels etc, you can find it everywhere in Johor Bahru, but do you think that's it? Of course not. We also provide online E-Mag that people from all corners of the world can browse it via internet.

Attractive graphic artworks

Our design professionals are able to create artwork that can attract your target audiences, turn the deliverable into an effective communication tool. How do we define successful advertisement? An ad that can speak by its visual appearance. We don't say, we prove.

Accurate number of prints

We promise you 20,000 prints will be published and distributed each issue. Upon our approval, customers are welcomed to join our transparent quantity verification program. We can assure you of our reliability.
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